Champion By Choice by William Hung with personalized autograph

He went from being laughed off American Idol to performing live with Ricky Martin.

Imagine mustering the courage to try out for a reality TV show only to bomb the audition in front of millions of viewers. That level of nationwide humiliation would be enough to make even the most confident among us admit defeat.

This story is proof that dreams can come true.

Although American Idol hopeful William Hung with his off-key rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” never did make it to Hollywood, he overcame the odds to define his own version of success.

In this refreshingly upbeat memoir, William offers “Three Cs” to live by:
Communication: Be genuine (authenticity goes farther than being phony—even in show business!)
Context: Take responsibility for outcomes, especially those you can’t control. And protect your time by saying “no” and setting boundaries.
Connection: Build meaningful relationships that will enhance your business and your life.

For anyone who’s been booed off the stage of life, William will inspire you to tap into your true potential, turn negativity into something amazing, and reach for the stars.

You can get William Hung's personal autograph when you buy your copy of the book here!

Editorial Reviews:

"One of the best books on personal achievement and what it takes to win at the game of life."
Greg S. Reid, Author: Think and Grow Rich series

"Champion By Choice is a refreshing and powerful guide to tapping into your potential. His honest story is truly inspiring. This book is for anyone who has ever been knocked down and is ready to reinvent failure into unlimited success."
Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

I've interviewed over 2200 successful Entrepreneurs on my podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, and the one commonality they all share is the ability to rise in the face of defeat. William Hung is as good an example as it gets of someone who bounced back from failure stronger and smarter, and is now impacting the world in a powerful way. Champion by Choice is a must read for those who want to CHOOSE FREEDOM.
John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire

"Champion By Choice is your ultimate handbook to personal and professional greatness. Follow William's hard-won advice and these principles will help you maximize your success in your career, your business, and your life. Buy a copy for everyone on your team. YES, it's that good!"
David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking

Few people understand disappointment, humiliation, and public embarrassment like William Hung. How William could look Simon Cowell in the eye and tell Simon that he did his best was nothing short of super-human. We all have so much to learn from William and his attitudes that have propelled him to be a respected speaker, educator, and now author. My advice is to read this book, listen to what William has to say, and look at your world in a new way. It can only result in great outcomes.
Joel G. Block, CPA, CSP, Keynote Speaker, Hedge Fund Manager & Venture Capitalist

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