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We here at UpArrow believe that there can never be too much positivity in the world. Especially when times are tough there is no better time than to keep your head up and keep moving forward. Your clothes help make up your identity and we want to provide outfits that you are proud of and want to share with those around you. We want to spread love and awareness to all cultures of the world and we wish you an outstanding day!

We are Kylan and William. We are childhood friends who grew up together constantly talking about pursuing our dreams. When COVID struck it was an unfortunate time for everybody. However, we decided that there was no better time to make our dreams a reality. Kylan’s sister joined us later as our designer because she supports our mission.

LULYLO came to be because of all this undeserved hatred towards an entire community of people for the wrong reasons. People have come to despise the Asian American Pacific Islander community because of a worldwide pandemic. It’s ironic because there are many people who would rather choose to prolong the issue by escalating their frustration into violence/hate instead of being part of the solution. This is a worldwide dilemma that takes all of us working together to overcome it and this is why more than ever we need to welcome the idea of loving others rather than blindly hating them. Hate clouds our judgment while love can open our eyes to new possibilities we never could dream to be possible. It may seem comical at first, but if you take a step back and really take a look at it there are so many things that come from Asian culture that we take for granted. We love food, dogs, cars, entertainment, etc all coming from Asian culture yet we don't love Asian people? The irony of this situation is what breaks our hearts and is why we are trying to expand as much awareness as we can and just spread the love.


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