Asian men's emotional intelligence coaching

Why I created this service

It's common among Asian culture to value nothing else but academia and financial success. Unfortunately, with an over-focus on society's external measures, we forget to prioritize our own happiness and fulfillment.

Towards the end of life, most people regret not having spent more time with loved ones and doing things that they wanted. We chase after the accolades only to prove to others that we are capable, yet face so much doubt and insecurity in all the other areas of our life.

For the male-identifying, it was the lack of representation in media that made you feel invisible and not romantically attractive. It's the overbearing pressure to be "responsible" and no outlet for play and creativity. It's the subtle remarks or microaggressions in the workplace that kept you stuck as middle manager. It's the attachment of your self-worth to material and immaterial things outside of your control.

All of this is exacerbated when men aren't supposed to express feelings or ask for help. We lose our sense of belonging or feeling heard. And then the emotional pains we keep tight to ourselves actualizes into physical pains in our head, or back, or gut, or other various diseases.

What is it?

This is why I've created the Emotion D.O.J.O., a virtual fitness gym for men's heart and soul. In the program, we'll focus on getting you clear on your:

  • Dreams: a happy, successful man is one who knows what he wants
  • Obstacles: what's REALLY getting in the way of your ideal life?
  • Joys: connect back with your inner child and creativity, so you can enjoy the process along the way
  • Opportunities: what new doors can you create? How can you prepare to take advantage of the beautiful things that fall into your lap?


I've personally seen what happens when our emotional muscles atrophy. We get passed up for promotions, for funding, for dates, for authentic friendships. I can help you exercise the soft skills we were never taught. We'll go through a lot of discomfort to redefine masculinity, femininity, creativity, and success, which is exactly what you need to become your own badass.

Imagine the world you could create for the ones you cared about when you're optimized at your best.

How it works

Your payment here gets you 1 month of coaching, including one (1) 60-min personal coaching call and four (4) group coaching calls with other existing badass Asian dudes. To see what the group is like, you can join the free monthly meetings, every First Thursday.

Pay for the coaching session through AHN Marketplace and we'll get you into the D.O.J.O. membership portal as well!

Learn more

Tune into my other channels to get to know me and the DOJO here.

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