Coconut Straws - EQUO Sustainable Straws (50 Standard)

✔️ALL NATURAL - Our coconut straws are non-plastic, made directly from fermented coconut water, going through multiple heat and steaming stages to dry, harden and shape for use. They contain absolutely no chemicals or toxic materials. Measures at approximately 7.75" (20cm) and diameter of 0.2" (0.6cm).

✔️TOP QUALITY: The coconut straws don't have an aroma or taste, but they do have a cool texture that reminds you of a tropical paradise. Unlike paper straws, the coconut straws are sturdier and retain their shape for a few hours without getting soggy. No more sacrificing on how you enjoy your drink.

✔️WIDE APPLICATION: These environmentally friendly coconut straws work perfectly for daily drinks such as teas, juices, coffees, smoothies. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, children and adults. They make great sustainable party supplies, restaurant straws, or in-home alternatives!

✔️SUSTAINABLY SIPPING: Our coconut straws are a great ecological alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption and ocean pollution. They can last in your drink for 3-4 hours and when you're done, they are fully disposable and can be composted in your garden.

✔️PREMIUM QUALITY & VERSATILE VALUE: Although made directly from natural coconut water, the coconut straws are scentless and don't add any taste or aroma to your drink. They are also 100% vegan!

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