Pricklee Cactus Water - Prickly Pear (12 cans)

Pricklee Cactus Water - Prickly Pear (12 cans x 12 oz)

Surprising hints of pink bubblegum, finished with smooth and juicy watermelon notes. A taste of the oasis.

Cactus is the NEW Coconut.
1/2 the sugar of coconut water
1/2 the calories of coconut water
natural antioxidants

Our Story:
“We need another coconut water! ” - said no one ever.

Tired of seeing only coconut waters in the natural beverage aisle, this team of healthcare workers set out to make something better….

“I grew up in Lebanon, where my grandma would juice the fruit of the Cactus , called a Prickly Pear. It tasted like watermelon + bubblegum + My siblings and I LOVED it.” said our cofounder, Mo, as he nostalgically juiced some fresh prickly pears for us one hot, summer day ☀️ ️ back in 2018.

One sip, and we knew we had something special.

With ½ the sugar + ½ the calories of coconut water, plant-based antioxidants, AND a better taste … Cactus is the NEW Coconut!

Pricklee is a line of delicious Cactus Waters made with premium, sustainably-sourced prickly pears, the superfruit of the cactus. We offer 3 incredible flavors, the Original Prickly Pear, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Mango Ginger. Each can is only 35 calories, and contains NO artificial ingredients, NO carbonation, NO stevia, and... absolutely NO coconuts!

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